Healthcare IT

I have always been interested in computers, computing and information technology. It has been exciting to watch the revolution in connectivity over the past two decades. To build on this personal interest in IT, I undertook a Health Informatics masters at University College London between 2005-2008, while doing higher specialist training in emergency medicine.

Health Informatics is the study of information technology as it applies to healthcare. This covers a wide range of subjects, including: electronic patient records, e-learning, telemedicine, digital imaging, and social media.

Currently I am part of the teams delivering on a national electronic ordering and results system for pathology and for electronic records in emergency departments in Ireland.

I have given presentations in the past on information technology subjects for doctors. I am able to present on

– The use of IT in healthcare

– Future trends in IT and healthcare

– The history of IT in healthcare

– Doctors and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)

– How to improve online learning and maximaise CPD

If you are interested in having me deliver a presentation on IT in healthcare, please contact me.