Medico-Legal Reports

In Ireland, there is an independent statutory body, (formerly the Personal Injuries Assessment Board, or PIAB), which allows for an independent assessment of any personal injuries claim. Claimants can submit a claim online themselves although many decide to do so through the support of a solicitor.

As part of the process, a formal medical report is needed as part of the submission, and for some claims, will seek a second independent medical report. If cannot reach a settlement, or if you are unsatisfied with the results of the claim, then the matter can be then referred to the courts.

When I returned to Ireland to work as a hospital consultant in 2011, I also established my medico-legal practice. I have focussed most of my work on reporting with full patient consultation. I can also provide medico-legal reports based on medical record reviews as well as statements for Garda reports.

As an emergency medicine consultant, I’m able to review and offer opinion on a wide range of injuries and medical conditions. My emergency medicine background give me insight into the problems brought on by a sudden, unforeseen accident.

Even though was set up so that making a claim for an accidental injury would be easier, for many people it remains a stressful and frustrating process. My goal is to make it easy to obtain your medical report. I promise a fast turnaround time for all reports: All reports are written and invoiced on the same day that the patient is seen in clinic.

If you are undertaking a claim through , it is not a requirement that you do so through a solicitor – although many people prefer to do so. Please feel free to contact me directly arrange a consultation or to enquire about any report that is needed.